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About Us

 I started working on computers in 1984 when the first IBM 8086 Personal Computer came into production. I have ridden the wave of technological excellence every since. I am a family man with 8 kids who are all raised and now productive members of society or still in college. My father was an aerospace engineer and worked at the Kennedy Space Center during the Gemini and Apollo Programs as Chief Engineer of Launch Support Division during my youth. I work out of my home and make house calls. I love and have a passion for working on computers and with people. I am also a musician and have spent much of my youth (until age 29) as a professional musician. I now play for fun. Please enjoy the video below of some friends I made in Haiti and I playing together on the beach after a very hard weeks work in 135 degree heat indexes. Also below a Video Short of our recent trip to Honduras. 




I hope this gives you some insight as to who I am and the nature of myself as a person. I take pride in putting my customers first and asking questions later. I look forward to the opportunity to serve and help you with all your computer needs but more over develope a lasting relationship. Until then, so long.